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James McCullough from the mysterious “Council” gives a special assignment to CIA agent Aaron Delgado to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and pin the blame on Muslim Terrorists. Delgado and fellow agents, Phillip Singer and Chase Jordan, work with a group of unsuspecting engineers to develop unmanned jets that will hit their assigned targets.

The Army and the FBI begin to uncover the plot, forcing Delgado to intervene. The CIA agents also have to deal with an increasingly suspicious George Poole, the lead engineer working on the drones, who becomes skeptical on how the remote controlled planes will be used. A battle between good and evil ensues as the plot to attack America becomes a hard-hitting reality.

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Hew Horizons
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G Edward Griffin
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Building 7

"I am delighted that there is a Hollywood fictional account that covers the more likely events of 9/11 that could wake America up!"

...Richard Gage, AIA of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

The DVD extras includes Writer & Director comments that tell which scenes are based on facts and which are not as well as the challenges of making such a controversial film.